Monday, March 13, 2017

Anthology Work

I've been busily working on my reading endorsement. Here is the piece I submitted for the student anthology for my writing class:

By Denée Tyler

This is just to say
I'm sorry I unfriended you on Facebook.
I know it's never nice to get that notification.
Forgive me, but I just couldn't tolerate your posts about 
divine intervention, 
manifest destiny,
and Trump.

I am from the stenographer, the sailor, the teacher, the rancher, the leader of the band, the child bride, and the short order cook.
I am from lemons seasoned with salt, sweet corn slathered with butter, and old fashioned popcorn oil-popped in a pan, all served with a side of stories, Rook games, folk songs, and harmonica.
I am from wind that never ceases and red dust that seems everywhere at once, the stench of pig on one side and the miasma of wood pulp on the other, all smelling of money.
I am from the west coast and the east coast and even the Gulf of Mexico, relocating again and again and leaving behind friends, memories, and a newborn infant in a lonely grave.
I am from terrible secrets kept and revealed, changing paths and changing lives, but never changing my love and hope.

I am a phoenix.
Changing my life mid cycle,
Taking on a new world view,
Opening my mind to new perspectives and people,
Shedding old beliefs and dogmas,
Rising from the ashes of my former life,
A different but glorious being.

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