Friday, September 25, 2015

How to Give the Ultimate Gift

This is a quickwrite I did with my class after reading the chapter "Crushes" from the book How to Talk to Girls by Alec Greven.

How to Give the Ultimate Gift
1. Give her something she wants. Just because you want it doesn’t mean that she will. How do you find out what she wants? Ask.
2. Give her something she needs. I don’t need any more earrings. Or clothes. Or anything that needs to be kept in a drawer or a closet.
3. Give her something unexpected. Flowers and cards are very nice. But – getting that electric guitar was something that I wasn’t looking for – and that made it all more awesome when it happened.
4. Give her something she’ll remember. Experiences are always better than material things. She’ll never forget your trips to see plays, parks, and people, whereas material gifts often end in the trash or Goodwill after a few years.
5. Give her something personal. Write her a letter. Sing her an original song.
6. Give her a piece of you. She’s really looking for you to spend time with her and give her your complete attention while you’re together. Put down the cellphone and turn off the TV and talk to her. 

Giving can enrich the giver as much as the receiver, and if you’re being a thoughtful giver, you’ll be all the better for it.

And if you want to give her a new car for her birthday, go for it.