Thursday, April 4, 2013

4th Annual Yearbook Post

This is the annual yearbook post. We just finished today, and frankly, whew, I'm glad to be done. So much work!! It's looking good, I think. Here is a sneak peek:
Our beautiful cover: the tree is printed with a texture
One of our five dividers: this one is for staff and student mugs

Our photosynthesis bar: we tried to carry this through the book and did a pretty good job

This is one of the wow pages that I made: Student Council

One of my favorite pieces: Senior Profiles

Another wow page that I made (but Teya drew the amazing drawings): yearbook staff

One of our section layouts: here you see the modular design and photosynthesis bar

Another wow page I helped with, Kawin drew the UCAS apps
Our colophon: I love this end of the year design

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