Sunday, February 17, 2013

Walk and Write

Here is my writing from the walk and write I did during a CUWP session on the BYU campus. Enjoy!
As I sit here looking at this broad expanse of windows, I can't help but think--why? What is so beautiful on the other side that merits such an expansive view? I guess it all depends on where your point of view lies. Directly opposite there is a building that is nondescript and really unremarkable. Here in front there is a lovely courtyard--but nothing too incredible.
But if you let your gaze move upwards, you are suddenly gifted with an amazing view of majestic mountain peaks punctuated by the rather large and conspicuous Y above BYU. This brings back memories of clear mornings as a freshman here when you could suddenly see the mountains again and realize what a beautiful setting this really is.
Where is he going--this young man with guitar in hand, striding purposefully across the campus at 10:30 AM on a Saturday morning? It's a little too early to be going to a rock concert and a little too late for waking your true love from bed with a morning serenade. Perhaps he is heading somewhere as mundane as a Saturday morning guitar session, or perhaps he is on his way to try out for a position in the latest group. His heart is in his throat and pounding as he thinks about this chance, perhaps his last chance, to make it big--or at least as big as you can get here in the sleepy berg of Provo, Utah.

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