Monday, September 6, 2010

Animoto-My First Try

The EC Ning has been buzzing about Animoto in the last few weeks. Many teachers used the free online video creator to make "trailers" about their class for the first day of school. I didn't get my Animoto teacher membership in time to create one for the first day of school, but I did make one for Back to School Night. Here is the sneak peek the parents got of our upcoming semester:

A word of warning: Animoto is addicting.

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Mrs. V said...

Wow! That was pretty amazing. I had heard Animoto mentioned a lot lately, but I had not looked into it at all, so I did not really know what it was. I love the way that you gave a glimpse into the semester. This would be really fun for me to do for second quarter, or for the second half of the school year since it seems like now until winter break is going to fly by and I might not get a chance to explore yet. Thanks for sharing your example!