Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thank You Donors Choose, Wells Fargo, Eccles Foundation, and Bing

So, I have been extremely blessed in the last few months to have three! projects funded through Donors Choose. I've received (or will receive next year): two classroom sets of books and a flip video camera. I am so excited. This is how it all happened:

On the first project, the Eccles Foundation matched my donors, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation covered the rest. The project was funded in one day, and I got a set of The Poisonwood Bible and some classroom library texts.

The next project was languishing for a while until I got an email from Donors Choose about a promotion that the site called Bing was doing. All you had to do was go to their site, fill out a quick form, and they would send you a $5 gift card for a Donors Choose Donation. Well, I filled out the forms for every person in my family, and Mike and Alison did their part, too, and I quickly had the 2nd project (The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian and more class library novels) funded, thanks to another match from the Eccles Foundation.

I was on a roll, so I submitted a third project, a flip camcorder, and with the help of more Bing donations and others, and the Eccles match, that was funded.

I just submitted a fourth project today for a class set of 1984. That match money is too good to pass up.

I've learned some things while doing this.
  1. Proposals with matching funds are more likely to get funded.
  2. Once you get within 50 dollars of your goal, people are more likely to donate to your proposal
  3. I love Bing, the Eccles Foundation, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


Clix said...

Congratulations! I don't know that I qualify for the Eccles matching grant. Is that based on your location? (I did have a couple of projects matched by the Gates Foundation, though. Pretty sweet!)

Denée Tyler said...

The Eccles Foundation was a matching grant for proposals based in Utah.

The matching is very nice, isn't it?

Clix said...

YES!! I miss it lots - I think I got spoiled a bit ;)